A friendship across space, time and the suburbs.

Ghost BFF, a dark comedy about depression, follows two women, one alive, one dead, across planes of existence, as they struggle to find themselves and right past wrongs following a suicide.



As once-BFFs Tara and Amy were inseparable. Tara was a reckless musician; Amy, a talented painter. As twenty-somethings, their friendship was pure, unadulterated fun. But everything changed when Tara, following a period of depression, killed herself, leaving behind a shattered and heartbroken Amy.

Cut to present day: Tara has been dead for three years and Amy has seemingly moved on: she’s quit painting and is engaged to Mitchell, a nice, conservative guy. Suddenly, Tara appears, completely freaking Amy out and a bizarre reunion follows. Tara challenges Amy on her new life, her past decisions and her future. Amy is left with the stunned realization that not only is her now ghost-BFF back from the dead but her past and future are about to collide. The tsunami that is Tara’s return forces Amy to take a hard look in the mirror and question who she is and where she’s going.



Vanessa Matsui
Writer / Creator / Director
Vanessa is the creator of Ghost BFF, the co-creator of Crankytown.ca (NFB) and an actor on Shadowhunters (Freeform), The Girlfriend Experience (Starz) Schitt's Creek (CBC, Netflix) and The F Word / What If (CBS Films), among others. 


Katie Bird Nolan
Producer / Co-Writer
Katie is the producer and co-writer of Ghost BFF. She is also one-third of the female-driven production company, Babe Nation Creations, whose aim is to champion female stories and female creatives. She is based in Toronto. 



AMY – Vanessa Matsui (Shadowhunters, Lost Girl, Seed, The F Word / What If

TARA – Tiio Horn (Letterkenny, Hemlock Grove, The Man In the High Castle

BROOKLYN – Cristina Rosato (21 Thunder, Bull, The Art Of More, Bitten)

BRENT – Jon Cor (Shadowhunters, Dark Matter

MITCHELL – Dan Beirne (Fargo, Workin Moms, Reign




Creator/Writer/Director: Vanessa Matsui

Producer/Co-Writer: Katie Bird Nolan (Babe Nation Creations)

Director: Lindsay MacKay

Executive Producers: Ana Serrano & Vanessa Matsui 

Director of Cinematography: Ian MacMillan

Picture Editor: Shelley Therrien 

Art Direction: Brent Skagford

Costume Design: Lindsay Jenner

Makeup & Hair: Allison Sharpe 

Score by: Asher Lenz, with songs by
Kathleen Munroe (MUNROE), Lisa Savard-Quong



Editor: Shelley Therrien

Sound Mix: Tom Mullins

Sound Designer: Tom Mullins

Colourist and Online: Patrick Hodgson 

Visual Effects: John Tate

Website by: &Johnston 



TELUS Wellness Fund & Ontario Media Development Corporation Interactive Digital Media Fund