A friendship across space, time and the suburbs.

Ghost BFF, a dark comedy about depression, follows two women, one alive, one dead, across planes of existence, as they struggle to find themselves and right past wrongs following a suicide.



As once-BFFs, Tara and Amy were inseparable. Tara was a reckless musician; Amy, a talented painter. As twenty-somethings, their friendship was pure, unadulterated fun. But, everything changed when Tara, following a period of depression, killed herself, leaving behind a shattered and heartbroken Amy.

Cut to present day: Tara has been dead for three years and Amy has seemingly moved on; she’s quit painting and is engaged to Mitchell, a nice, conservative guy. Suddenly, Tara appears, completely freaking Amy out and a bizarre reunion follows. Tara challenges Amy on her new life, her past decisions and her future. Amy is left with the stunned realization that not only is her now ghost-BFF back from the dead but her past and future are about to collide. The tsunami that is Tara’s return forces Amy to take a hard look in the mirror and question who she is and where she’s going.


The Team

Vanessa Matsui
Writer / Creator / Director
Vanessa is the creator of Ghost BFF and co-creator of Crankytown.ca (NFB) and an actor on Shadowhunters (Freeform), The Girlfriend Experience (Starz) Schitt's Creek (CBC, Netflix) and The F Word / What If (CBS Films) among others. 


Katie Bird Nolan
Producer / Co-Writer
Katie is the Producer and Co-Writer of Ghost BFF. She is also one third of the female driven production company, BABE NATION CREATIONS, whose aim is to champion female stories and female creatives. She is based in Toronto. 



AMY - Vanessa Matsui (Shadowhunters, Lost Girl, Seed, The F Word

TARA - Tiio Horn (Letterkenny, Hemlock Grove, The Man In the High Castle

BROOKLYN - Cristina Rosato (21 Thunder, Bull, The Art Of More, Bitten)

BRENT - Jon Cor (Shadowhunters, Dark Matter

MITCHELL - Dan Beirne (Fargo, Workin Moms, Reign




Creator/Writer/ Director: Vanessa Matsui

Producer/Co-Writer: Katie Bird Nolan (Babe Nation Creations)

Director: Lindsay MacKay

Executive Producers: Ana Serrano & Vanessa Matsui 

Director of Cinematography: Ian MacMillan

Picture Editor: Shelley Therrien 

Art Direction: Brent Skagford

Costume Design: Lindsay Jenner

Makeup & Hair: Allison Sharpe 

Score by: Asher Lenz, with songs by:
Kathleen Munroe (MUNROE), Lisa Savard-Quong



Editor: Shelley Therrien

Sound Mix: Tom Mullins

Sound Designer: Tom Mullins

Colourist and Online: Patrick Hodgson 

Visual Effects: John Tate

Website by: &Johnston 



TELUS Wellness Fund & Ontario Media Development Corporation Interactive Digital Media Fund